(Photo content at end of blog may be disturbing, please take caution!)
The dog which was known all over the internet, named Sai Mui, with a torn front leg checked into NPV this morning. We will operate on her immediately.

Everyone with eyes can see how sad and terrible Sai Mui ‘s condition was.
Everyone in the clinic have the same question in their mind if not already spoken, “Is it painful?” “Does it really really hurt?”

No matter how high Sai Mui’s pain endurance level was, it really really hurts and must be excruciatingly painful.

The next question would be “why and what caused this terrible injury, how was it inflicted?”
NPV is a veterinary clinic treating animals medical conditions, we are not animal police, we are not pathologist, we cannot just make a guess. We have seen worst, but most importantly, we want them recover and well, we want them in a loving home, others do not matter to us at NPV.

Let’s drop our hatred and anger, let’s radiate positive energy. The formation of the NPV Stray Animals Medical Fund is specifically cater to this purpose – TURN THINGS AROUND – turn sorrow into happiness, touch others’ soul, feel our own hearts and create a positive loving impact on our community.

In this crazy selfish world with much greed and hatred, let’s work together and turn bad things to beautiful endings. My friends, those of you who feel that twitch in your soul and heart, please pitch in and help “Sai Mui” and the other needy animals:

You can directly deposit into “NPV Stray Animals Medical Fund” HSBC Account:

015-765415-838. If you require a receipt, please email your deposit slip to our email address: [email protected], or fax to: 3003 0171.
If you prefer to mail us a cheque, please send it to: NPV Non Profit Veterinary Clinic, 24 Ki Lung Street, Prince Edward, Kowloon. Cheque should be made under the name of :

Non Profit making Veterinary Service Society Ltd.
If you want to designate your donation to Sai Mui 细妹, please write her name on your cheque.
**Credits to Helen Yeung, who is a volunteer to translate my blog. Hoping this could reach more hearts.