Is cruelty-free cosmetic safe?

Speaking from the consumer’s point of view, cosmetic products that didn’t undergo any animal testing may raise a safety concern. Yet, animal testing is just one of the many types of safety testings. What’s more, its results at times fail to reflect the actual effects on human body.

謝濼汶同學作品: 認清化妝品,停止變幫凶

The very first cosmetics legislation in European Union(EU) can be dated back to 1976. The EU ban on animal tested cosmetic products was passed in 1993, which prohibited animal tested materials as well as products from entering the EU market. It may shrink the choices the consumers used to enjoy. On the bright side, however, it motivated the scientists to develop more alternatives to animal testing.

The attainable “Cruelty-free” lifestyle
The term “Cruelty-free” refers to the assurance for products that are developed by non-animal methods. Many people often mixed up the concept of “Cruelty-free” with that of “Vegan”. The term “Vegan” generally reserves for products that didn’t contain animal ingredients, which may or may not involve animal testing. We champion the “Cruelty-free” lifestyle as well as the “Vegan” one. As a consumer, you can always support the cruelty-free movements through your buying decisions.

Support the“Cruelty-free” movement
Why do we support the ban on animal testing? It is because the safety of cosmetic products should never come at the cost of lives. European Uion, the largest cosmetic market around the globe, has enforced the law to prohibit testing cosmetic products on animals, and marketing products that involve animal testing.

Written by Candy Ngan, Education Executive of Non-Profit Making Veterinary Services Society