NPV x GALEN MRI 磁力共振掃描服務

此計劃已完成, 如有任何查詢, 請致電2393 2170


在過去十年,香港的動物醫療技術發展一日千里。記得十多年前大部份診所還是採用X光沖片的方法,但今時今日幾乎所有診所都已經應用了X光數碼技術,這些科技的進步大大提高了獸醫為動物診斷的準確度及效率。 但至於再進一步的Advanced Diagnostic Imaging 技術,例如:電腦掃描(CT)及磁力共振(MRI),這幾年正在積極的發展及應用中! 由GALEN MRI 研發的COCO 1.5T 新一代磁力共振影像掃描儀器,結合了人工智能,無論程式軟件及特定的接收線圈或配件,都是因應動物的需要而度身訂造的。COCO1.5T 亦保證了最高的清晰度,是世界領先的獸醫MRI, 絕對是獸醫界的一大突破。

NPV 很榮幸地率先成為GALEN 的合作伙伴,為有需要的動物提供最高質素的影像診斷。在至少未來的三個月內,凡到NPV求診的動物主人,如果該動物有需要進行高質素的影像診斷,NPV的醫護團隊,包括資深獸醫及護士,會陪同動物前往位於科學園的研發中心,應用COCO 1.5T 磁力共振影像掃描儀器為動物進行掃描檢查。NPV 亦會跟進專家的報告及相關的治療或手術。有關的檢查會收取基本的行政費及醫療成本,詳情可在辦公時間致電2393 2170 顏小姐查詢。


In the past decade, animal medical technology has great advancement in Hong Kong. In early 2000, X-ray images were mostly processed on films, while today all clinic’s x-ray images is digitized. This upgrades the vets’ diagnosis in both efficiency and quality tremendously. However, regarding more advanced diagnostic imaging technology like CT scan and MRI, there is still room for development. Under the Galen’s MRI research and development, The COCO 1.5T MRI debut in MARCH. This is quite a breakthrough: the coils, software, and all accessories are specifically designed for animals with the built-in AI, the COCO1.5T is a world-leading dedicated Veterinary MRI.

It is NPV’s honor to partner with Galen to introduce this advanced technology to animals. In the coming 3 months, benefited by Galen MRI’s sponsorship, we can offer MRI service at a very affordable price to pets owner who is in need. Our senior vets and vet nurses will bring your animals to Galen’s development center in Science Park for MRI. The MRI report, follow up treatment and surgery will all be taken care of by NPV afterward. For inquiry, please call Ms. Ngan at 2393 2170 during office hours.

For the health of animals, let us strive for higher professional standard and better services.



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